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OperationalResilience / 14/11/2022

Operational Resilience Beyond Compliance

Focus on operational Resilience was long coming. Covid-19 just accentuated the urgency for it. The below are some considerations on Operational Resilience NOT being a just compliance exercise.

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Operational Resilience Beyond Compliance
Operational Resilience / 03/11/2022

COVID-19: A starting point for Operational Resilience

The unprecedented nature and acceleration of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 changed how we live and work and presents an opportunity for the financial services industry to leverage lessons learnt from it in developing new ways to drive even greater resiliency in the future.

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COVID-19: A starting point for Operational Resilience
Operational Resilience / 01/11/2022

Operational Resilience Fallacies

With just about a year left for implementing the Cross Industry Guidance on Operational Resilience (suggested timeline from Central Bank of Ireland), there is a sudden flurry of activity to get things done — somehow. Why “somehow” ?

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Operational Resilience Fallacies

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Operations Resilience

The ability of a firm, and the financial services sector as a whole, to identify and prepare for, respond and adapt to, recover and learn from an operational disruption.

In times of uncertainty, effective leaders keep their organisations running, with high levels of service availability and sufficiently robust frameworks that ensure that the interests of members are safeguarded during any business disruption.

What does a typical Operations Resilience Project look like?

We work closely with your Board of Directors, Management Team and Employees to get buy-in at all levels.

The Strategic Framework is agreed at the start with BoD and management team through workshops.

The project execution entails individually tackling all areas listed in the Three Pillar Approach listed in the Central Bank's guidelines.

This includes, but is not limited to SolutionOut's project team working with your team and completing the major deliverables below:

  • Identifying critical processes and associated tolerances

  • Process Mapping and documenting the critical processes

  • Mapping third party dependancies

  • Conducting Process analysis, documenting and testing mitigation plans

  • Reviewing and updating BCP, Cyber Resilience, Incident management, Communication and Learning Strategies

These are done through workshops and individual consultations with process experts in your business.

Documentation is created and signed off with the relevant stakeholders.

Training and support are provided to make the team self sufficient to update and manage the deliverables in the future.

Do you provide training material for SAFe® Agilist certification?

Yes, we provide the downloadable copy of the SAFe® course content to the registered candidates.